WISLIFE Video Surveillance Sign - 40 Mil Rust-free Aluminum Glow-in-the-Dark Signs, Home Business 24 Hours Security, No Trespassing Security Sign

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Manufacturer Description

Long Afterglow Luminescent Material
The long afterglow of rare earth (RE STORING luminous materials, long-lasting luminous powder) is a widely used inorganic materials, with a strong light absorption-STORING-luminous ability, by absorbing ultraviolet light or visible light, so that light energy conversion After storage in the lattice, but also in the dark energy into light energy and light.
Please NOTE the material may not glow as bright as LED lights, but we can assure you the warning sign will be noticeable at night.

Glow-in-the-Dark Surface
Unlike traditional fluorescent material, unstable in performance, short-time lighting, insufficient luminous intensity. WISLIFE warning signs adopt the new material, also called Photoluminescent material, after absorbing the visible light for a while, the white part will glow. Please notice that luminous intensity still weakens gradually after the absorbed energy runs out.

Enhance Your Property Security
While having cameras might help you to investigate any crimes against your property, it¡¯s still a better idea to prevent them from happening. WISLIFE security signs will work both day and night. It features supreme durability, easy installation and a well-recognizable look. Any potential robber simply won¡¯t miss it.

Professional Appearance. Easy Installation
The more professional your sign looks, the more it will scare away any potential criminals. 10¡±x 14¡±, 40 mil(1 mm) thick, sturdy rust-free aluminum plate, 4 pre-drilled holes, the no trespassing signs look as if they are municipal or governmental. Burglars will think twice before stepping into your property. Mount it with screws!

Long Lifespan
This security sign is UV/weather resistant, waterproof and dust-proof. Through special processing for outdoor working, we can ensure the security signs for yard can work inside/outside for 7 years or more, no worrying about the words will fade.

Product Features

? PERFECT SIZE, EYE-CATCHING AND PROFESSIONAL: Especially designed to attract people¡¯s attention. Its red, black and white color combination, 10" x 14" in size, weight of 7.8 ounces, along with 40 mil (1 mm) thick aluminum, makes the warning sign looks like it belongs to a governmental institution. ? EXTREMELY LONG LIFESPAN: WISLIFE security sign is covered with anti-UV and dirt- and moisture-repelling layers. These signs can withstand extremely bad weathers. We guarantee a lifespan of 7 years or more. ? SPECIAL PHOTOLUMINESCENT SURFACE: After being exposed to light for 10 minutes, the WISLIFE security signs will glow (luminous intensity will weaken gradually as the energy runs out). No maintenance or electricity is needed. Despite its outstanding qualities, the photoluminescent material contains no toxic or radioactive chemicals. ? EFFICIENT PROTECTION: Unlikely other yard signs, WISLIFE warning property signs work both at day and at night. We adopted the photoluminescent material, which endows this sign an interesting feature, it can glow for a short period (but it can not glow as bright as LED lights, and the light becomes dim gradually as the energy runs out, so it may not reach your expectation, please?think?twice?before?purchasing if you mind). ? ONLY SOLD BY WISLIFE: Our video security sign is more durable and effective than our competitors'. We have implemented special technologies to achieve those outstanding results, and we¡¯ve made sure to patent them in the US. Customers, please make sure that you are buying genuine WISLIFE security signs from authorized sellers. Any violations will cause severe penalties on Amazon.

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